Stenciled Color-Block Clock

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Stenciled Color-Block Clock: create a bold statement clock piece that can fit any decorating style!

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Anytime I can add bold pops of color into my home decor I do!  Most of the walls in the main living areas of my home are white or cream.  I like how the white makes everything seem so bright and with as much as I change my decor there is no need to repaint the walls…I just swap out my decor.   Today I’m teaming with Plaid to show you how I made this fun stenciled color-block clock.  It was actually simple and the color schemes and design possibilities are literally endless!  I had the chance to try out the new Waverly Inspirations line and friends….you have got to try it!  The paint is what dreams are made of…well…if you are a crafter anyway 🙂  You can find Waverly Inspirations exclusively at Walmart and  I have been using Waverly Inspirations Fabric for sewing for years and I’m so excited to see they have some new products.  All of their stencils, and paint colors were inspired by their fabric! 

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The super premium paint is what I used for my clock. They also have chalk paint and high gloss.  The super premium paint is perfect for home decor projects, it has an indoor/outdoor formula and you don’t even need a sealer! The paint went on so smoothly and most of the time I only needed one coat or just a light second coat.  I also loved how the bottles are clear and have a wide-mouth opening for easy dipping. 


  • Piece of wood,  it can be square or round but make sure it’s thinner rather than thicker or you will have to do some adjusting to get your clock pieces to fit right.
  • Clock making kit, you can find this in most craft stores
  • Waverly Inspirations Paint, your desired colors
  • Waverly Inspirations Stencil
  • Waverly Inspirations Paint Brushes

Follow the directions on your clock making kit to decide if you need to add a hole to your wood project before you begin painting or after. I chose to do mine before. Next, you can begin painting your wood base in the design and colors you choose.  I wanted a three color-block look. I taped off each section and painted it the color I wanted, let it dry and then repeated with the other two colors. 

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I wanted to add a fun texture to the clock and used the Waverly Inspirations stencil that matched perfectly with the fabric I received.  I chose to start stenciling in the middle and worked my way to the outer edges but you can do what works best for you and the stencil you are using. 

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Once I let the stenciled area dry, I painted a light coat of the pink color on top again and quickly wiped it off with a dry cloth creating a totally different look. 

Diy Clock-9-2

Diy Clock-10-2

I stenciled on the clock numbers and let it dry completely before I added the clock pieces.  You could also use number stickers for the numbers as well. 

Diy Clock-12

I think I may need to make a few more clocks for my home 🙂

Diy Clock-20

I love how this can work in any home.  Grab a small piece of wood and stain it for an antique look,  add your children’s favorite cartoon characters to the clock.  It’s such a simple project and saves money too! 

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Diy Stenciled Color Block Clock

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