Easter Bunny Cards

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These Easter Bunny Cards are such a fun way to celebrate the spring season and the Easter holiday. They make adorable spring decor for your home and kids love making them. Send them to loved ones as sweet Easter wishes. These little Bunny Greeting Cards are super simple to make, I’ll show you how!

Easter Bunny Card standing open on tabletop

Easter Bunny Cards

The do-it-yourself cards are great to make year after year. We love to gift them to loved ones and friends as the holiday approaches. They also look so cute sitting on the mantle or hanging on the fridge. Make them in any color you can think of, but our favorites are pastel shades.

Bunny Cards on table

Supplies You Will Need to Make the Cute Bunny

The materials needed for this cute easter bunny can be found at your local craft store. You may already have many of the items in your house.

  • White cardstock
  • Our Free Eye template (or you can use googly eyes, or draw your own!)
  • Polka Dot Paper, or other spring themed paper
  • Cardstock, I used light purple, light pink, and light yellow.
  • Pipe cleaners (1 for each card) in colors that match your paper
  • Medium sized pom poms (again in the color to match your card)
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick and hot glue

I found the polka dot paper at my local Walmart. However, use any pattern of scrapbook paper you like. There are all sorts of different designs that will look cute with these easter crafts.

supplies on counter

Making the Happy Easter Card

The steps to this Easter bunny craft are easy! They are also perfect for working on fine motor skills and talking about all things Spring while you craft.

  1. Start by folding the cardstock in half to give it the shape of a card.
  2. Cut out the shape of a white bunny head and glue it to the card.
  3. Cut out your outer and inner ears and glue them together. Glue the bunny ears behind the bunny’s head. Fold the top edge of one ear down on each bunny and glue it in place, if desired.
  4. Cut your pipe cleaners into 6 pieces. I very slightly twisted 3 of them together just so it was easier to glue down. (Hot glue will probably work best for these- adults only!).
  5. Add a pom pom nose on top, as well as the cute eyes.
  6. Draw on a mouth and eyelashes on the bunny face to make it pop!
  7. Let the kids add googly eyes since they always make a craft more fun! The front of the card is now complete and your kids can add their own Easter greetings to the inside of the card.
collage to make Easter Bunny Greeting Cards

A homemade card is always a meaningful sentiment that makes a holiday card more special! I hope you enjoy making these Easter Bunny Cards with your little ones.

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