Favorite Kids’ Treats Kitchen Tools

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My go-to “Kids Treats” Kitchen tools that will make treat making a breeze!

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Friends, I can’t thank you enough for the support in my very first Kids Treats Book.  I appreciate all the sweet comments and emails and I especially love the tags on your social medias of pictures of yours and the little ones creations!  My hope with writing this book was that fun memories would be made and hearing how much your child had fun making “this” or “that” sincerely touches my heart and makes me all kinds of happy! Keep sending me your pictures…I really do look at and appreciate every single one.

 For those of you who haven’t purchased the book yet, I wanted to make a little post about some of my favorite kids treats kitchen tools!  There is a chapter in the book that explains why I love them so much and how I use them in various ways.  

I didn’t list all the tools I use because honestly I like to try out new tools all the time but these are my “I-use-most-of-the-time” tools that I really think make the biggest difference in the ease of kids treat making. 


#1. Kids Treat Book!  Of course you need this book 🙂 

#2. Sprinkles. I use all different shapes and sizes of sprinkles. Ive used sprinkles I found at the Dollar Store or ones I have found in Craft Stores.  I love the texture and added pop of fun sprinkles add to treats

#3. Cookie Scoop.  I love my 1 inch cookie scoop.  It’s the perfect size for cookies, Oreo Bon Bons and even savory dishes like meatballs. I promise you find yourself using this more than just during kids treats time. 

#4. Candy Eyeballs: if you have followed my blog for any length of time you know that I use these candy eyeballs ALL THE TIME, they add so much character to kids treats and the kids love them!

#5. Silicon Baking Sheets: these are another kitchen staple that I use for way more than just kids treat making.  I use these to bake savory and sweet dishes with these.  LOVE them and they are extremely easy to clean!

#6. Candy Melts:  I typically buy mine at Walmart or my local craft stores but this chocolate is the base to a lot of my treat making. 

#7. Chocolate Candy Melting Pot: the actual melting pot that I have is not manufactured anymore but this is pot is extremely similar and actually on my to get list. I love using this melting pot to melt the candy melts quicker and it results in a much smoother chocolate. 

#8. Cake Decorating Brushes: these aren’t absolutely necessary but they make “painting” faces and details much easier than using a toothpick. 

#9 Ameri-Gel Food Coloring: you can use liquid food coloring for most of the kids treats but I prefer the vibrant colors that the gel food coloring brings and it will last you a LONG time. You only need a tiny amount. 


Favorite Kids Treats Kitchen Tools


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