Mini Chalkboard Gift Tags

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Mini Chalkboard Gift Tags

Can you believe Christmas day is in less than 2 weeks!  It always seems to creep up so quickly!  These chalkboard gift tags are the perfect addition for all your needed gift wrapping supplies!  I still have a few more gifts to wrap and plan on adding these chalkboard gift tags for a personal touch! I love how you can express your love with sayings of “Merry Christmas”, ” Happy Holidays”, ” With much love” or the ever classic ” To: and From:”  I got all the supplies I needed at the one stop crafty supply site Consumer Crafts!  I love all the supplies you can get and the prices are great! 

Bakers Twine

One of my favorite craft supplies to always have on hand is Bakers Twine!  I love how pretty it can make gifts, mason jars and candy bags look!  

Mini Chalkboard Ornaments

I found these mini chalkboards and thought they would work perfectly for a gift tag!  The best part, they can still take the gift tag off of their gift and hang it on the tree! 

To make these little mini chalkboard gift tags you will need:


Mini Chalkboards

Bakers Twine

Hot Glue Gun

Chalkboard marker

Paint your mini chalkboards in your desired color.  While the paint is dryer make a small bow with your bakers twine.  Once your paint is dry, attach your bakers twine with a small dot of hot glue.  Write your saying and attach to a gift bag. 

Super cute and super easy! 

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