Potato Stamp Ice Cream Cone

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This Potato Stamp Ice Cream Cone Art is a fun summertime craft for kids. Bright paint colors, real sprinkles, and some household potatoes are all you need to give this potato stamping art a try!

Potato Stamp Ice Cream Cone Art

Potato Stamp Ice Cream Cone

Potato stamping is a simple kids activity that is fun for kids of all ages!  It’s perfect for the littlest of crafters to the more advanced.  We love to paint stamp with potatoes and have even had fun apple stamping.  This ice cream cone art was a perfect craft for a hot summer day and adding real sprinkles was my daughters ideas. 🙂  I stepped away from the craft table and when I had come back she had added the sprinkles to the wet paint.  It worked perfectly! 🙂 

potato stamping craft for kids

My daughter loves to craft with me and often times she adds her own spin to things. She rarely follows me exactly and I love that. She uses her own creativity and most of the time I take something from her creation 🙂  Watch our video below to see the version she made all on her own. 

Supplies needed for Potato Stamping

  • Potatoes– any potato you have on hand will work.   Parents, just cut your potatoes in half so you have two circles. 
  • Craft Paint – in your favorite colors.  We chose a bunch of summer shades
  • Construction Paper – brown construction paper makes for the perfect ice cream cone.
  • Sprinkles– we used real sprinkles on our ice cream art but you can also use confetti/sequins in place

steps to make ice cream cone potato stamping art


  1. Cut your potatoes in half. ( Parents) 
  2. Dip your potatoes in paint and place on paper in ice cream cone design. 
  3. While the ice cream shape paint is still wet add a touch of sprinkles, push slightly down with your fingers so that they stay secure once dried. 
  4. Once your paint is dry add a red pom pom to your ice cream cones.
  5. Cut out ice cream cone shapes out of your construction paper and glue below ice cream scoops. 



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