Alligator Surprise Craft

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Ready for a super easy craft that your kiddos will absolutely love! This Alligator Surprise Craft is so incredibly easy – all you need is our free template, and some markers. Let’s jump in!

Alligator Surprise Craft

Craft up a toothy surprise with our adorable alligator craft! From its snappy jaws to its scaly tail, this DIY project will make your heart ‘snap’ with joy. Whether you’re making it for a rainy day activity or as a gift for a fellow reptile lover, this craft is sure to make a splash!


Supplies needed to Make This Alligator Surprise Craft

How To Make an Alligator Surprise Craft

Step 1: Print Out The Free Template

Grab the free template, and head to your printer! Once you have that, grab your markers and start coloring your alligator!

Step 2: Add Tiny Details

Add your googly eyes. Add the word “chomp” on the tongue for a fun twist!

Step 3: Fold To Make The Surprise

Next up: fold the paper in half (with those pretty colored sides up!) and then fold the bottom third up – this will reveal the alligators head with his mouth hidden inside.

This alligator craft is such a simple coloring activity with just a little something special! It’s great for a classroom setting, homeschool lesson, or just because!

Crafty Tips:

  • Let kids color their alligator in whatever colors they wish! We chose to go with more realistic colors but any colors will do!
  • Let their surprise word be whatever their imagination comes up with! “I’m Hungry,” “Surprise”, “Roar”, “I love you”, “See you Later, Alligator” are all fun options!
  • Kids can draw their own eyes instead of using googly eyes if desired!
  • Use our concept and have them try to draw they own surprise craft! Fold your paper in half, fold the bottom piece up and then begin drawing your design.

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