Baseball Chocolate Pretzel Bites

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These Baseball Chocolate Pretzel Bites are a fun and delicious chocolate pretzel treat for baseball season.  The soft gooey caramel from the Rolo candy helps keep everything together! 

Baseball Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Baseball Chocolate Pretzel Bites

This is the first spring that both of my boys are playing baseball, whether that be in the official T-ball form or Rookie ball form our lives have been a bit revolved around the sport.   We decided to make some yummy baseball chocolate pretzel bites in celebration of their love of the game. These would make a great treat to pass along after the game to all the players.  You can even package them up and give them as a cute favor idea for baby showers, birthdays, or just a Word Series viewing party. 


Chocolate Pretzel Bites Supplies

Supplies for Baseball Chocolate Pretzel Bites:

Pretzels on Baking Sheet

  You will want to start off my laying your pretzels down on a silpat or parchment lined baking sheet.

Rolo Candy on middle of waffle pretzel

Add one Rolo candy to the top of each pretzel.  Then you will want to bake the pretzels for about 4 minutes at 325 degrees.  You don’t want the candy to melt completely, just to the point where they are a bit shiny and you can press the top pretzel on top of them easily.  

Red Candy Decorating Pens

While your chocolate is melting, use your red candy decorating pens to draw on the red stitching.  You can pop your candy melts in the freezer for a few minutes if they begin to get too soft while you are handling them.  I feel that the red marker goes on better when they are cold as well. 

Top pretzel placed on melted chocolate

Once your chocolate has melted place another waffle pretzel on top.  The chocolate that oozes out the top is what will help “glue” the baseball candy melt to the top.  

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Let the baseball chocolate pretzel bites cool completely before serving and enjoy! 


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