Diy Christmas Gift Tag

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Simple Diy Christmas Gift Tag

Over the years I have tried to keep thing simple around Christmas whether that be in shopping, decoration or the way I give gifts. Christmas time already has a natural hustle and bustle feel to it the moment Thanksgiving is done and can take away some of the special moments this season is all about.  One way I like to make things feel more personalized around the holiday is to make my Christmas gifts or add special touches to the gifts I am giving.  This simple diy Christmas gift tag is just one way you can add a little bit of a homemade touch to something.  I have always enjoyed receiving gifts that I know someone spent time into making and I bet you have some family or friends that feel the same way. 


Mini Chalkboard Ornaments, found in craft stores

Green Felt

Red Buttons

Hot Glue

Holly Gift Tag-14


Cut out two green leaves.  I made one of my leaves slightly smaller than the other.  Glue the leaves in place on the ornament.  Hot glue a red button for the holly on top of the green leaves.  You can create a cluster of three holly berries as well but my ornament looked better with one.  Attach the ornament to a gift.  I love how these create cute gift tags but can also be used as a Christmas tree ornament in the years to come. 

Simple Christmas Gift Tag


Mini Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tag by Made to be a Momma

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