Paper Plate Sunflower Craft

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This Paper Plate Sunflower Craft is so cute for summer and fall. You only need a few simple supplies to recreate it at home! Kids get to cut, paint, and glue their adorable sunflowers together. You can even make a whole bouquet!

Easy Paper Plate Sunflowers

If you know me, you know I love a good paper plate craft! They are incredibly easy to make, inexpensive, and always fun for kids. Once you add in a few other crafting supplies, you can create something really special with minimal effort and money spent. They’re perfect for entertaining a crowd at a party, making with your class, or creating at home with the kids. One of the best things about paper plate crafts is how versatile they are. We’ve made lots of animals and other fun things in the past. This time, we made a Paper Plate Sunflower — and they turned out amazing!

I shared this Paper Plate Flowers tutorial and you all loved it. Since that was a more generalized flower paper plate tutorial, I wanted to share one for sunflowers. I absolutely love sunflowers around this time of year. Since they bloom during the summer and last until the first chilly days of fall, they represent the transition into fall and winter. Plus, their rich yellow color is the perfect compliment to the other shades of autumn, making them a great choice for fall decor!


Supplies you’ll need

All you need are a few simple craft supplies to make your own paper plate sunflower. You can find these at your local craft store or on Amazon. You might even already have most of these at home!

  • Paper plates — We used the dessert size, but you can use a larger size if you want bigger flowers!
  • Craft paint, yellow and black — Acrylic paint works great for paper plate crafts, but you could use whatever kind of craft paint you have on hand!
  • Black pom poms — Whatever size you can find will work, but I prefer a small to medium size.
  • Large green popsicle sticks — If you can’t get popsicle sticks that are already green, simply color a regular one with a green marker or paint it green!
  • Green cardstock
  • Paint brushes — A larger brush or sponge works best for this craft.
  • Scissors
  • Glue — You can use regular glue or a hot glue gun. If you choose to use hot glue, make sure the adults handle it

How to make a sunflower out of paper plates

Follow these simple steps to make your own adorable Paper Plate Sunflower!

  1. Cut around your paper plate to form the edges of the petals. 
  2. Next, paint your plate yellow. Then, paint a large black circle in the center of your paper plate. Since the middle of the plate will be black, feel free to paint mainly the edges yellow. Allow the paint to dry completely. 
  3. Once the paint has dried, add your black pom poms to the black center. You can use regular glue or hot glue. Make sure the adults handle the hot glue gun if you choose to go that route!
  4. Then, cut two green leaves out of your green cardstock. If you’d like, you can draw on the leaves’ veins with a black or dark green marker.
  5. Once you have your leaves, attach them to a large green popsicle stick. We attached them on opposite sides, one a bit higher than the other. 
  6. Finally, glue the finished stem with leaves onto your paper plate!

Tips for making this Paper Plate Sunflower Craft:

  • Ensure that your painted plate is completely dry before moving on to the next steps. This craft isn’t particularly messy, but it can be if the kids get impatient! Luckily, it won’t take long to dry as long as you use thin, even layers.
  • While a regular flower has a smaller circle in the middle, sunflowers have large, black circles with lots of seeds. Your paper plate sunflowers don’t need to be perfect, but try to recreate that look in your craft. Plus, it will give you enough room to really pack on the black pom poms.
  • I recommend using cardstock for the leaves for a sturdier sunflower. Regular construction paper can bend and rip easily. If you can’t get your hands on green cardstock, you could cut leaf shapes out of your extra paper plates and paint or color them green!

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