Clothespin Carrot Craft

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This simple Clothespin Carrot Craft is an affordable and easy craft for kids. They are easy to prep and make fun spring ornaments for the house or an Easter tree. Celebrate gardening, Easter, spring, and more with this hands-on activity.

finished easter carrot craft on tabletop with spring themed scrapbooking paper

Materials For the Clothespin Carrot Activity

For this craft, I found everything at Walmart. It requires limited supplies so you should be able to find everything pretty easily. The craft store and the Dollar Tree may have what you need as well.

  • Mini Clothespins – I find mine in the Walmart Craft Section
  • Orange Cardstock
  • Green Acrylic Paint
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Googly Eyes – The medium or large size eyes work best for this craft
  • Glue sticks or liquid craft glue

Want to make your clothespin carrot craft a little more decorative? Try using orange scrapbook paper with a pretty spring design on them. The design will add some texture are a great idea for Easter decorations around the house. Attach a piece of yarn to the back to hang it from doors and windows or simply tape it up the old-fashioned way.

craft supplies laid out on table

Watch the Full Tutorial Video Here:

Assembling the Simple Carrot Craft

To put the craft together, grab your supplies and make sure you work in an area you don’t mind getting messy. Painting the small clothespins is sure to leave green paint on your fingers so have a wet rag ready.

  1. Paint Three mini clothespins per carrot in a shade of green. You can totally just paint the top of the clothespin. We did just one coat of paint but add a second coat if needed.
  2. Cut out orange carrot shape. The trick to making the carrot shape is the get smaller near the bottom of the carrot. The top isn’t completely flat but slightly curved. The first time I drew a carrot, I drew a faint triangle and then added curved edges before cutting it out.
  3. Once dry add clothespins to the top of the carrot. We did three clothespins on each carrot, but you can place as many as you would like on your carrots.
  4. Adhere the googly eyes using your glue stick.
  5. Draw on a cute little smile using the black marker. You can also add eyelashes to some of the carrots to create a variety.


  • I don’t glue down my clothespins because we hang them on the windows and they don’t get played with, but you can laminate the cardstock carrots for durability. Younger children can use the clothespins on the tops of the carrots to practice fine motor skills. This is a great Easter and spring activity for toddlers, preschool students, or an elementary classroom sensory bin. They will love using the carrots for pretend play as well.
  • We painted all sides of the wooden clothespins but you can paint just the tops for simplicity. We didn’t paint the metal springs though since that would keep the pins from opening.
clothespin carrot process graphic

Can I Use Large Clothespins on my Craft?

Use whichever size clothespin you want, but the smaller sizes mean your cardstock doesn’t have to be as large. The larger the clothespins, the larger your cardstock carrots will have to be. Larger carrots could be fun though!

Use the Clothespin Carrot for Many Things

These simple paper carrots make the perfect addition to your Easter decoration. Prepare the materials in little baggies and put them in your kids’ Easter baskets as a future craft they can look forward to. Young kids always look forward to a fun craft.

The Clothespin Carrot craft is also great for a study on gardening and growing carrots if you homeschool, work in the classroom, or just want to teach your kids something. Sometimes it’s fun to talk about facts while working on crafts. Throw out some carrot facts like:

  • Carrots grow in the ground, so you’re eating the root when you eat carrots.
  • Carrots can also be white, red, yellow, and purple.
  • 87% of a carrot is made up of water.
  • Carrots are one of the most sugary vegetables in the world.

clothespin carrots on counter - eyelashes on middle carrot

Want Another Easter Craft or Easter Basket idea?

If you like the clothespin carrot craft, take a look at these fun spring activities that are sure to keep your kids engaged this spring. From treats to crafts there’s something for everyone. You and your kids will love these fun ideas.

finished Easter Clothespin Carrots on display

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