Back to School Paper Crayon Craft

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These colorful paper crayons are a perfect Back to School craft or a fun way to learn about all the colors.

paper crayons in rainbow order on craft table

Back to School Crayon Craft

It’s almost time to go back to school and these colorful paper crayons are a fun way for kids to introduce themselves to their classmates and share their favorite color! This crayon activity is great in a classroom setting but it also would be a great craft activity for a homeschool lesson learning about the rainbow of colors!

rainbow paper crayon craft on counter

Tools Needed & Tips:

The best part about this craft is you only need one supply – PAPER! Of course you you will need some crafting tools such as scissors, glue and a marker but that’s it!

  • Paper– I prefer to use colored cardstock for this craft. Construction paper can work in a pinch but I feel the cardstock holds up best when glueing multiple layers of paper.
  • Free Templates – no need to cut out all the pieces by yourself I got a free template for you! Grab the free pencil template here!
  • Free Eyeball Template– you can certainly make this craft with hand drawn eyeballs or googly eyes but we also offer a free eyeball template! This template is perfect for this craft and you will have extras for other crafts.
  • Be colorful! – no need to just stick with primary colors! Add some lime green, pink, fuschia, white or black for more color options. If you can find the color paper you can make a crayon friend.
paper crayon - purple, blue and green on table


  1. Use our free template to cut out template pieces. Trace template pieces around desired colors and cut out.
  2. Assemble your paper crayon with your cut pieces.
  3. Have child write their name and favorite color on template pieces. Glue in place.
  4. Add googly eyes and mouth.
crayon craft process

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