Easy Torn Paper Candy Corn Craft for Kids

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This Torn Paper Candy Corn craft is a great activity for this Fall season! All you need is some paper and googly eyes and you will have a cute piece or artwork in under 30 minutes!

Torn Paper Candy Corn Craft on counter with torn paper beside

We love torn paper crafts! We have a small collection for various themes and holidays and are continuing to add new additions as the seasons come and go. Torn paper crafts are a great way to build smaller children’s finger muscles to help fine tune skills like holding a pencil, tying their shoes, and zipping up their jacket.  Not only do these types of crafts work on fine motor skills but it’s just a lot of fun to create something from simple supplies like paper,  glue and googly eyes. 

Candy corn on counter with finished artwork

Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Free Candy Corn Template
  • Construction Paper or Cardstock, in orange, yellow, white and black
  • Glue Stick
  • Googly Eyes
  • Buttons, optional – you  can also just use a pink marker, crayon or paint pen to add your cheeks if desired
needed materials on table - orange, yellow and white paper, candy corn template, scissors and glue


  1. Start off by printing your free printable template or by drawing a candy corn shape on a piece of white paper. My paper was a  8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock paper.  I prefer cardstock because it’s holds up better when gluing pieces of torn paper to it. 
  2. Tear your yellow, orange, and white paper into small/medium size pieces of paper. Using your glue stick, glue an area at the bottom of your candy corn and press down your orange pieces. Repeat with your remaining orange pieces and continue with your yellow and white pieces until your candy corn is filled in. 
  3. Add your googly eyes and some hand draw eyelashes if desired.  Cut out a smile shape from your black paper and glue down.  Add pink buttons for cheeks if desired. 

This Torn Paper Candy Corn is such a fun craft for kids of all ages! It’s a perfect activity for a fall party and is a great addition to a day of halloween crafts. 

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