Scarecrow Paper Craft

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This Scarecrow Paper Craft is an easy fall craft for kids of all ages! All you need is paper, glue and a few other minimal supplies and you can create your own scarecrow for this autumn season!

This fall time of year is filled with all sorts of harvest crafts centering around things such as apples, pumpkins, leaves and scarecrows! We have a few fun and easy scarecrow crafts on our site and this new scarecrow paper craft is a fun addition to our collection!  You only need minimal supplies such as paper, a little glue or tape, scissors and googly eyes to create this paper scarecrow which makes this a simple project that kids of all ages will enjoy. 

Free Printable Scarecrow Template

For this adorable scarecrow craft we offer a free printable template in two versions! Read more to see how to use them:

1. Print, Trace and Cut – print your free template and cut out the pieces.  Take your cut pieces and trace the shape onto your desired colored papers. Cut out your pieces and continue with the tutorial.

2. Print & Color – print your free template on card stock paper and color as desired. Cut out your colored pieces and continue with the full tutorial. 

Once you assemble your scarecrow you can even make this craft into a scarecrow puppet using a craft stick or a wooden skewer which is perfect for little hands to enjoy. Make this in a classroom setting? The finished scarecrows make a great art project to add to a fall themed bulletin board.


Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Cardstock, in desired colors
  • Googly Eyes
  • Free Printable Scarecrow Template
  • Paper Fasteners
  • Paper Hole Punch
  • Popsicle Stick or Wooden Skewer (optional) 

How to Make Paper Scarecrow

  1. Print your Template and either use it as a guide to trace and cut your needed pieces or cut the version that you can color and cut.  Each way is a great way to create this project!
  2. Assemble your scarecrow’s hat using yellow construction paper that has been cut into thin strips for the hair. Add as much or as little as your want to the scarecrow’s hair. You can also add your yellow strips to your arms and pant legs. 
  3. If you cut out your own pieces you can now use your black marker to add your scarecrow’s details.
  4. Assembly your scarecrow’s body using a hole punch and the paper fasteners. 
  5. Finish your scarecrow’s face by adding the orange triangle nose, and face features. Add paper hat on top. Tape or glue your scarecrow’s head to the body piece,
  6. If desired, tape or glue to a popsicle stick or wooden skewer to create a puppet. 

Need more scarecrow fun or some more fun fall activities? Try these autumn crafts that can be a perfect activity for both older kids and younger children alike. 

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