Mother’s Day Button Craft

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This simple and adorable Mother’s day craft is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s adorable for spring and makes a great card to give to loved ones.

finished mothers day flower craft

Cupcake Liner Flower Craft

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about an adorable Mother’s Day Craft you can make with your kids. I wanted to use something that popped out so we made Mother’s Day Button Crafts using cupcake liners and colorful buttons. They’re so cute and easy to make. Take a look at how we crafted these fun flowers that make the perfect gift.

cupcake liner flowers on counter

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Materials Needed for the Mother’s Day Craft

You will be able to find the items for this simple mother’s day craft at your local craft store, Dollar Tree, or Walmart craft section. I like using fun patterned cupcake liners to make the flowers more colorful and inviting. Those are usually found at craft stores or online.

  • Cupcake Liners in varying colors
  • Buttons (medium to large-sized) in varying spring colors or patterns
  • Green Popsicle Sticks (regular size)
  • Green foam
  • White Cardstock (or color of your choice)

You don’t have to use foam paper to make the leaves of the flower but I liked that it made things a little 3-dimensional.

supplies needed for mothers day craft on table

Putting the Mother’s Day Craft Together

This craft is a fairly simple and easy craft for younger and older kids. It’s a great handmade gift for loved ones. It’s a great idea for homemade crafts or crafts in the classroom. Kids can easily make them on their own if the cupcake liners are precut. Let the kids pick their own layers to add a personal touch. If I precut them, I lay them out in different piles so the kids know to grab one of each size. It is a simple Mother’s Day craft that will be cherished for years to come.

  1. Fold the cardstock in half to form a card shape.
  2. Make your flowers by laying one cupcake liner down on your work space. Flip it inside out so that colorful side is facing you.
  3. Cut a second cupcake liner down by about ½ an inch. Glue it in place in the middle of the first cupcake liner.
  4. Cut a third cupcake liner down by roughly 1 inch. (you just want each layer to be smaller than the one before it)
  5. Glue the liner in place and then, add a button in the middle.
  6. Glue down your popsicle stick to the bottom center of your cardstock paper.
  7. Add your completed flower to the top.
  8. Add green foam leaves to the sides of the popsicle stick. You may need to use a hot glue gun to keep the paper flowers and foam leaves down on the paper.
  9. To finish it off, write Happy Mothers Day or your own personalized message inside the card.

Making this simple craft is so much fun for little hands. It’s an amazing homemade gift that can be given to grandparents, mothers, guardians, teachers, nannies, and more. It also makes a fantastic spring craft, it doesn’t have to be used just for Mother’s Day. Just use your favorite colored cupcake liners and buttons to personalize it for any time of year!

cupcake flowers process images

How to Make Mother’s Day Special?

To anyone celebrating Mother’s Day in May, Moms will love anything their children get together for them. Whether it’s artwork, handwritten letters, a spa day, or tons of hugs and kisses, they will feel loved just knowing you are thinking of them. Some of my personal favorites include flowers picked out by the kids, handmade arts and crafts, a trip to the coffee shop by myself (or occasionally with the whole family), and if possible, a pedicure! I would love to hear how your family has made you feel special!

Happy Mother's Day written in card

Can a Toddler Make this Craft?

Children of any age can create this cute craft. Depending on their age, they may need more assistance but it makes for a fun crafty morning and an easy Mother’s day card. If you are doing this fun craft with younger kids, I would precut the colorful cupcake liners for simple steps later while putting it together. This will easily become one of their favorite mother’s day crafts.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow moms! I hope everyone has a fantastic day with loved ones filled with delicious food, tons of hugs, and loads of love!

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