Dinosaur Ornaments

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These dinosaur ornaments are such a fun addition to a kid friendly Christmas tree. Add a little Santa hat for a festive ornament that are not only fun to make but fun to hang on the tree. 

dinosaur ornaments on christmas tree

Dinosaur Ornaments

These dinosaur ornaments are such a fun DIY craft for the kids to make and to enjoy hanging on their Christmas tree.  Add some colorful Christmas ornament balls to complete the look of a festive unique Christmas tree the kids will love! We love all things dinosaurs in this household right now and my kids have been excited about this tree since we started talking about it in the summer #bloggerslife. 🙂 

santa hat dinosaur ornament


These dinosaur ornaments are really easy to put together and only require a few simple supplies:


spray paint dinosaurs

  1. Start off by decided what colors you want your dinosaurs. We chose a variety of colors that matched some of our favorite Christmas ornament balls. 
  2. In a well ventilated area like an outdoor garage or back deck, spray paint your dinosaurs.  You will most likely need two coats. add santa hat to painted dinosaur
  3. Allow your painted dinosaurs to dry fully.  If you don’t want to use glitter Mod Podge you can apply a clear sealer to your dinosaurs.  Allow to dry fully. 
  4. Hot glue (adults) a mini Santa hat to your desired dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs heads are quite small so we only added hats to the ones with larger heads. 🙂
    paint mod podge
  5.  Add a layer of sparkle mod podge to your dinosaurs and allow to dry completely.
  6. Add a small hook and ribbon to the middle back of your dinosaur for hanging. 

For more dinosaur activities try these:

santa hat dinosaur on colorful christmas tree

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  1. Valentine’s day tees and the frog prince makes it so much fun. Found you on the spring blog hop. Thank you for sharing this with us over at Savoring Saturdays! Looking forward to more creations. I love how soft and colorful the felt ornaments are! Thanks so much for the comment love.

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