Painted 3D Heart Craft for Kids

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This Painted 3D Paper Heart craft is a fun activity for kids of all ages! Add colorful strokes of paint around your 3D heart for a fun piece of artwork that is great any time of year!  

3D heart art project on counter with 3d red hearts nearby

Painted 3D Heart Craft for Kids

This heart art is a fun multiple step artwork that is fun to create! Kids will learn multiple crafting techniques with this colorful project making it a great homeschool art lesson or an art project for a classroom setting. Kids will have so much fun with each part of this craft while developing fine motor skills and learning different elements of art.  Paper heart crafts are great as a Valentines’s day craft, a gift for Mother’s day or just because you want to create something colorful and fun! A hearts is a perfect beginner shape for young crafters!

3D Heart project with Paint Strokes

Art Lessons Learned with this Easy Craft

  1. Symmetry – have your child create their heart shape by drawing only half of a heart on their folded piece of paper teaches them a simple lesson of symmetry. What is symmetry? It’s when a shape or object has two completely identical sides.  When they open their heart both sides will be identical. 
  2. Fine Motor Skills – kids will practice fine motor skills by folding paper, tracing, cutting and glueing. 
  3. Simple Painting Techniques – kids can practice dipping their brush into paint and making simple and short brush strokes of different colors of paint. 
3d heart project

Materials Needed To Make Painted 3D Heart Craft

  • Heart Templates – you will need both the large and small hearts
  • Card stock, white and red (or whatever color you choose to make your smaller heart) 
  • Craft Paint – in desired colors
  • Craft Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Tape
art supplies on craft counter

How to make 3D Paper Heart Craft:

Step 1: Preparing Template Pieces

Start by cutting out your two heart pieces from our free template.   Fold a piece of white card stock in half. Place the straight edge of your heart on the edge of the paper. Trace around the half heart shape. Use scissors to cut our heart and open to reveal heart. Repeat this step with your smaller heart template and red folded paper. You will need 4-5 smaller hearts. 

cut out hearts from red paper

Step 2: Create your White Heart Base

Take your medium heart template and tape to the middle of another piece of white card stock. You want to tape it down enough that the heart can lay flat and paint won’t be able to get underneath. 

white heart taped to middle of white cardstock paper

Step 3: Add Strokes of Paint Color

3. Using your paint brush and desired paint colors add strokes of paint around your heart and then around the rest of your paper. Allow paint to dry. Carefully remove white heart. You could be able to see the outline of a heart

paint strokes added around medium white art

Step 4: Add 3D Heart to Center

Fold your small hearts creating a center fold. Glue folded heart together until they form a 3D heart. You can add additional hearts if desired but we found that 5 hearts was the perfect amount.  Add your finished red heart to the middle of the white heart to finish.

3d heart added to middle of artwork


How many small hearts should I use? 

We found that 5 hearts looks the best for this 3D Heart but you can use as little as 4 or as many as 7 for a fuller affect. 

Can I use construction paper instead of card stock? 

Yes, I recommend using card stock for your base piece as it will hold up best to the paint. Construction paper will work great for the 3D heart, just be careful when folding as it’s a little flimsier. 

What age group can create this project?

Kids of most ages can create this easy 3D heart. I did this heart art project with my 2nd and 3rd Art students and they were able to do all the steps by themselves, younger kids might need assistance. 

finished heart artwork

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