Yak Coloring Page Activity

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This coloring page activity is centered around a friendly Yak exploring the mountains and grasslands. Color your mountain scene and add a movable Yak the kids will love!

Yak Coloring Page

This coloring page activity is such a fun activity for kids of all ages but is geared for lower elementary kids! With a few simple craft supplies this cute little yak will be well on his way to grazing the mountains.

With your kids colorful mountain grassland and their movable yak puppet, your kids will create a dynamic and interactive scene! This activity not only encourages creativity and fine motor skills but also brings an element of storytelling and imaginative play. They can Imagine their yak exploring the highlands, meeting other animals, and enjoying the beautiful scenery they have colored.

Get ready to dive into this fun and educational adventure, and watch as your artwork comes to life with every move of your yak puppet. Happy coloring!


Materials Needed for Yak Coloring Page

  • Free Mountain Scene Template and Yak.
  • Coloring Supplies, such as colored pencils or crayons
  • Jumbo Popsicle Stick
  • Mini colorful buttons
  • Exact-o Knife (adults only) or scissors
  • Glue stick

How To Make Yak Coloring Activity

Step 1: Color the Scene

Start off by coloring your mountain scene in your desired colors. With a sharpie or marker, draw small flower stems on some of the rolling hills.

Step 2: Add the Button Flowers

Add your small buttons to the top of each of your flower stems. Glue them in place.

Step 3: Make your Yak Movable.

Cut out your Yak clipart. Glue to the top of a jumbo colored stick, we used a green colored popsicle stick. With your Exact-o knife cut a medium length slit in your paper on the bottom right rolling hill. You can also cut a slit by folding your paper slightly and cutting about 2 inches in length and then open your paper back up. Insert your Yak into the slit and now you can move it back and forth.

Want to learn some fun facts about these large animals? We put together a list of 10 fun facts that makes this a perfect activity for creativity and a little bit of learning! You can grab it here!

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