Fork Painted Christmas Tree

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This Fork Painted Christmas Tree is a fun craft for kids of all ages! All you need is some green paint and a plastic fork to get started on this fun holiday craft!

Do you need an easy Christmas craft this holiday season? Make sure you give this fork painted Christmas tree craft a go!   It requires minimal supplies and is a fun way to introduce a different way to paint!  You can “paint” with many supplies with many different painting methods such as a paint brush, pom poms, sponges, cotton balls, q-tips, your hands and even plastic forks!   

Supplies Needed for Fork Painting:

  • Free Christmas Tree Shape Printable
  • White Cardstock
  • Green Craft Paint
  • White Craft Paint
  • Craft Paint in various colors, optional
  • Green Glitter, optional
  • Plastic Disposable Fork, it sounds weird but before you buy them flip them over to make sure they have smooth flat bottoms. Some forks have a divot in the bottom of them. You need them to be flat so they apply the paint smoothly.
  • Brown Paper
  • Gold Star

How to Make Fork Christmas Trees

1. Trace your Tree: Use our free Christmas tree template and trace around shape onto your white card stock with pencil.  

2. Paint your Branches: Pour some green paint onto a small paper plate. Using the back of your fork, dip fork into green paint. Press painted fork onto Christmas tree shape and repeat until the tree is completed. This simple technique is what makes the tree branches onto your project. 

3. Add some glitter: While the paint is still wet shake some green glitter on top. Shake off excess glitter.

4. Add some snow: Using some white paint, add touches of white paint onto different areas of your Christmas tree to look like fallen snow. 

6. Add Christmas Ornaments: Using Q-tips and various paint colors, add small ornaments by dipping your qtips into paint and pressing onto tree. 

7. Final Touches: Add a brown trunk to the bottom of your tree. If you don’t have brown paper you can use a brown marker or brown crayon to make your own. Add your gold star to the top of the tree.  You can also color a hand drawn star yellow and use that to glue to the top. 

You can see we made two different versions of our fork painted trees. We made one with glitter and white paint and one with ornaments. Both options are fun and require different supplies. You can pick which one you want to make depending on the age of your kids.  I have a love hate relationship with glitter so sometimes I use it and sometimes I skip it. 🙂 This will be a fun Christmas activity no matter how you make your trees!  If you don’t have extra colors of paint you can use a hole punch to make circle stickers to act as ornaments for your tree, just glue them in place once your paint is dry. 

​This easy craft is great for both young children and older kids alike.  For more holiday crafts and fun ideas your should check out these:

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