What are Primary Colors and Secondary Colors?

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Teach your kids a basic art concept- what are primary and secondary colors? With this new art skill, kids will be ready to explore all the colors of the rainbow!

Here at Made to be a Momma we LOVE to create but we also love to learn and what better way to learn than during a time of creating and imagination! It’s never too early to teach your kids some simple Art Concepts and today we are answering two basic question: What are Primary Colors? and What are Secondary Colors?

What are Primary Colors?

Primary Colors are the cornerstone of making all other colors by mixing them together. They are Red, Yellow and Blue!

What’s special about these colors is that they can’t be made by mixing any other colors together but when mixed with each other they can make secondary colors and more!

What are Secondary Colors?

Secondary colors are the colors you get after mixing TWO primary colors together! They are Orange, Green and Purple.

  • red+ yellow = orange
  • yellow + blue = green
  • blue + red = purple/violet

By mixing your primary colors together you have now created God’s rainbow of colors! You will have a line up of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. Blue, Indigo and Purple just waiting to be used in a creative way!

Free Color Mixing Chart

Now that you have learned this new Art concept – a beginners guide to Color Theory- you can get busy mixing colors to see what you can create! Use our fun free coloring mixing printables to mix together colors and see what you can create!

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