Paper Plate Moon Craft

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Create a piece of outer space in your own home with this fun and easy Paper Plate Moon Craft!

paper plate moon with stars nearby on craft counter

Looking for a fun and easy craft activity for kids? How about making a paper plate moon craft? This cute craft is perfect for kids of all ages and only requires a few simple materials. With just a paper plate, some paint, and a few other basic supplies, kids can create their very own moon masterpieces that they can proudly display. So get ready to blast off into some creative fun with this simple and enjoyable paper plate moon craft!

paper plate painted black with gray moon and glitter stars

Why You’ll Love This Paper Plate Moon Craft

Educational Value

Creating a paper plate moon craft is an awesome way to educate kids about the different phases of the moon and the lunar cycle. Through exploring the moon’s different shapes and how they transform, kids can discover science and astronomy in an exciting and hands-on manner.

Creativity and Imagination

Crafting is an amazing way to encourage creativity and imagination in kids. With a paper plate moon craft, kids can let their creativity run wild by experimenting with various colors and materials to design their own one-of-a-kind moon. Additionally, this craft can spark kids’ interest in space, motivating them to use their imaginations to explore beyond our planet.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

This craft involves cutting, painting, and gluing, which helps kids develop their fine motor skills. For example, younger children can work on hand-eye coordination by cutting and gluing, while older kids can work on their precision skills by painting small details. In addition, this craft is an excellent way to help kids improve their hand strength and agility, which are important skills for writing, drawing, and other activities.


Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Plate Moon Craft

Grab the items below for this easy peasy craft! You can find all the materials at a craft store or online store!

  • Paper Plate – Dinner Size
  • Paint – Black and White
  • Glitter Stars
  • Cardstock – Gray
  • Free Moon Template
materials on counter

How to Make a Paper Plate Moon Craft

My kids absolutely adored this craft because they got to learn all about the moon and stars!

  1. Paint the paper plate black (Food side facing up and painted).
  2. Add white galaxy stars by dipping one paint brush into white paint and tapping it against another brush. This is messy so be sure to cover your surface!
  3. Add the moon to one side.
  4. Add stars.

Tips for Making a Paper Plate Moon Craft

Use our Free Moon Shape

To make the process easier for younger kids, you can pre-cut the moon shape out of the grey paper before starting the craft. This way, they can focus on painting and decorating the moon instead of struggling with cutting the shape.

Use Cotton Balls to Paint

Dip cotton balls into white paint to paint the moon to create a textured surface like we did in our other moon craft. This can be a fun and easy way for younger kids to participate in the craft and create a unique look for their moon.

Explore the Lunar Phases

You can introduce your kids to the various lunar phases by having them create a crescent moon or a full moon craft. This craft is a fun and interactive way to talk about the moon’s different shapes and how they evolve throughout the lunar cycle!

FAQs for Making a Paper Plate Moon Craft

Can I use other colors besides black and white?

You can use yellow, gold, blue, or any other colors related to the moon!

What if I don’t have dinner size paper plates?

You can use dessert paper plates or any other size you have on hand!

Can I use other materials besides glitter stars?

Yes! If you don’t have glitter stars, you can use pom poms, paint, cardstock, cardboard paper, or any other materials you like!

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