Monster Marshmallows

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This post contains affiliate links. Need a treat that's toddler approved for taste and fun?! These Monster Marshmallows couldn't be cuter!Hi yall!  I am just having so much fun in the kitchen with my boys lately!   Jacob is at such a fun age and he just loves creating! Even my son Carter who will be 2 in January liked dipping the marshmallow in the sprinkles!  I orginally saw these adorable monsters at Multiples & More and just knew I had to recreate them! 


Candy Melting Chocolate in your desired colors

Lollipop Sticks

Candy Eyeballs



Melt your chocolate wafers ( I found mine at Joann Fabric & Craft Store) in the microwave at 30 second increments or in a candy melting pot which is what I personally use and love!  Insert lollipop sticks into marshmallows.  Dip your marshmallows in the melted chocolate.  You can either cover half of your marshmallow or the whole thing-whatever you decide!  While the chocolate is still warm dip your marshmallow into sprinkles or crushed up candy pieces.  Place your candy eyeballs on the marshmallow using the melted chocolate as a glue if needed.  Place in fridge and allow chocolate to harden. 

Jakey with Monster Pops

I let Jakey pick out what colors he wanted to use and he picked green, yellow and blue. I think he did such a great job with his monster marshmallows!  I think they are way cuter than mine!  His marshmallow monsters have personality! 🙂  

Monster Pops-7325

It was so fun to see him be excited to be in the kitchen again!   These monster marshmallows are so fun and I bet your kiddos would love making their own monsters too! You can make the marshmallows into pumpkins, Frankenstein and even ghosts!  How fun  would it be to have a little “buffet” of candy and sprinkles for your kids to decorate their personal monsters.   

Jakey with Pop



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