Easy Reindeer Ornament

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With Thanksgiving just about a week away I am getting extremely excited to start decorating our Christmas tree as a family. Today I have a super simple and cute reindeer ornament!  This really does require very beginning sewing skills!  You can sew this by hand or by sewing machine.  I chose sewing machine because I’m not a fan of hand sewing. These little reindeer ornaments come together super quickly and you can finish a bunch of them just in time for decorating your tree!   Let me show you what I did!


2 brown circle pieces

1 red circle piece for the nose

2 black beads

2 black felt antlers ( I just free cut them)

Ribbon for hanging


1. Cut out your needed shapes. Place red nose where desired on your reindeers face.

2. Sew around the red nose to secure in place.

3. Lay your two brown circles together and sew around the circle.  When you get to the top part of your reindeer, slip in the antlers and ribbon and continue to sew until finished.

4. Hot glue your black beads to finish!

How easy right? Yet, so cute! I hope you enjoyed this easy craft! Check out my equally as easy, Felt Poinsettia!

I originally shared this post at Pretty Providence.

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