Fall Ruffled Table Runner

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This post has been sponsored by Joann Fabric and Craft stores and Pellon for their #SewYourStyle National Sewing month.  I’m so honored to have had Joann ask me and some of their favorite bloggers   feature projects made out of quilter’s cotton.  Quilter’s cottons have many uses, not just quilts, and we were asked to think outside the box!


I love decorating for fall! I love all the warm colors.  Every holiday that comes around I always make sure my dining room table has a pretty center piece and this month I went with a fall ruffled table runner.  The ruffle material is all made out of Quilters Fabric from Joann Fabrkc and Craft store and are the perfect colors for fall.  Just look at these beautiful ruffles!


To make your own table runner, cut out 2 rectangle shapes. You will need a top piece and a backside piece.  You can decide the dimensions of your runner based on the size of your table.  Cut out three ruffle fabric pieces.  My pieces were about 6 inches wide.  I  folded them in half so I had a finished bottom edge.   Make sure the length of your strips of fabric are at least 1 1/2 times longer than the width of your runner fabric.   Using a long baste stitch, stitch the top edges of your ruffle fabric strips.  Lightly tug on the top string until you form a ruffled/gathered piece of  fabric that is as wide as your table runner piece. 


Decide where you want your fabric to lay and pin in place.  Sew the ruffle fabric to one of the runner pieces. Repeat this step with the remaining ruffle pieces.

untitled-6695I put the second and third ruffle edges far enough under the one above it so that you couldn’t see the unfinished edge.  If the ruffle sticks up too far you can always glue a few spots of it down.  Once you sew on all your ruffles place your bottom runner piece on top.  Pretty sides together.  Sew all the way around making sure you leave a 3-4 inch gab for turning.  Turn your runner right side out and top stitch all the way around. 


I added some fun white belting to the top of my first ruffle so I could hide the unfinished edge.  It adds a nice pop of white!  You could easily exchange the belting and use ribbon or burlap instead. 



Thanks for having me join in on the fun Joann Fabrics and Pellon!

Make sure you enter your creations for #SewYourStyle . Check out all of the other inspiration HERE   You can win some great prizes!  All you need to do is sew up something using quilting fabric other than a quilt… bags, dresses, pillow covers, table runners…. there is so much you can do! 



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  1. So pretty! I absolutely love this! I’m also wondering if you made the wooden tray or stand that your pumpkins are on. I love the centerpiece.

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