Fairy Garden

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Fairy Garden | Miniature Crafts | Crafts | Centerpiece

Tinkerbell and Thumbelina were two movies that were often on repeat when myself and my siblings were younger. I always loved the imaginary fairy worlds and how all the normal everyday things in a “humans” world was so much larger and different to a fairy.  It seems I may not be the only one that enjoyed the miniature world, being that fairy gardens and miniature sized scenes and worlds are such a trending craft right now. 

Fairy Garden | Miniature Crafts | Crafts | Centerpiece

  I am beyond excited to be working with Plaid Crafts again this year and I am even more excited to show you some of their new products they have this year.   Plaid has developed some special FolkArt 3″x3″ Mini Stencils, miniature wood pieces, and Super Glow paint that are great for all your fairy garden decorating needs!   I didn’t sure the Fairy Garden Stencils in this particular project but they are laser cut mylar stencils that are 3″ x 3″ and they have 14 different styles!  

Fairy Garden | Miniature Crafts | Crafts | Centerpiece

For my fairy garden, I loved the idea of a “secret” hidden garden below a larger one.  I wasn’t quite sure how it would all come together but I actually really love how it turned out!  My boys think the small secret area is for their little arm men HAHA! 🙂  I gathered some miniature flowers, artificial flowers, and other small decorating pieces like paper flowers, mini wood slices, moss and more at my local craft store.  


  • Large bowl 
  • Artificial Flowers of all sizes
  • Plaid Miniature Wood Pieces
  • FolkArt Super Glow
  • Indoor or Outdoor Paint
  • Mini WoodSlices
  • other mini decoration pieces you like

Arrange your larger flowers in your bowl how you want them to look.  I wanted most of mine higher with a few at different levels throughout.  Make sure you leave a large enough area to make your “mini garden.”  I just love the look of the vine greenery, it really adds to that secret garden feel.

I then painted my miniature wood pieces a pretty white but any pop of color would look great! 

I also added a few fun miniature pieces that I found at the dollar store and local craft stores.  I used the Super Glow paint on the “stepping” stools.  It was really hard to get a picture of them glowing in the dark but they really do and they were so fun!  Here is a picture showing just how they can glow! 

Have you jumped on the Fairy Garden train?  There really are so many fun ways you can create a Fairy Garden.  You can create a simple one or even let your kids get involved! 

Fairy Garden | Miniature Crafts | Crafts | Centerpiece

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