Wooden Turkey Craft

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Wooden Turkey Craft: a fun and simple craft idea for the kids Thanksgiving table! Made with foam feathers you can even have your kids write what they are thankful for on them!

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Thanksgiving is just over a week away and this little wooden turkey craft is perfect for the kids Thanksgiving table!  It’s an activity they can do while the kids are waiting for their turkey and stuffing.  It can also be used as a place setting so they know just where to sit.  Thanksgiving day is full of football, food, and board games but there is also some waiting time and this is great to keep the kids busy. 

The feathers are made of our colorful foam so your kids can even use a sharpie marker to write what they are thankful for on the feathers and it can be a “thankful turkey” craft!   To add a little sparkle and fun to the kids table we used some glitter foam and painted our blocks of wood a pretty FolkArt® metallic color, Pure Gold.   I love the extra sparkle the metallic paint adds to the turkey, it looks so pretty in the sunlight.  The FolkArt metallic paints are perfect for many projects, they come in Jewel Tones with a bold color and a pretty shimmer finish.

Supplies for Wooden Turkey Craft

  • FolkArt Metallic Paint
  • Colorful and glitter foam
  • Wooden blocks, made out of 2 x 3’s or purchased from craft stores
  • Googly eyes

How to make Wooden Turkey Craft:

  1. Start off by painting your wooden blocks in whatever metallic color you desire. I chose pure gold as it resembled the body of a turkey the most.  You can purchase wooden blocks from your local craft store of even make you own by cutting a 2×3 into your desired size. 
  2. Cut our various turkey feathers in different colors.  You can use all one color, or alternate. My kids prefer a colorful turkey 🙂 
  3. Hot glue your turkey feathers to the top back of your square wood.
  4.  Add googly eyes, a nose, and snood with your leftover foam pieces. 

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