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Makeup Brush Holder: perfect gift idea for any makeup lover! 

Makeup Brush Holder: perfect gift idea for any makeup lover! Tutorial at madetobeamomma.comNeed a simple gift idea?  This makeup brush roll makes a perfect gift for any woman or teenager that needs a space to store her brushes.  This roll even has a fun velcro pocket to store hair ties and bobby pins! It’s tied together with some pretty lace to give it that perfect girly touch!  You can easily make this roll for thinks like knitting needles and coloring pencils.  I love the little velcro pocket!  It’s perfect for little hair pieces or small swatches of blush or eye shadow!

Makeup Brush Holder-30


1/2 yard of fabric cut into the measurements shown below.


Lace, Ribbons or Fabric

Start off by cutting your makeup brush roll fabric pieces into the measurements below.




Take your pocket piece and fold in half.  Lay the pocket on top of your main piece of fabric.  Make sure the pretty sides are facing up.  Use your makeup brushes, if possible, to measure how wide to make the little pockets.  If you don’t have makeup brushes with you, 1 inch wide pockets will work fine.  Pin a few pins in place and sew from the top of the pocket down.  Make sure you backstitch at the top of your pocket piece to secure the thread nicely.

Makeup Brush Holder-8


The measurements I used for this brush roll fits 10 makeup brushes with a nice size pocket at the end.  Feel free to adjust your measurements if necessary.  Attach your velcro pieces to the pocket spot by sewing it in place or using fabric glue.

Makeup Brush Holder-14Fold your pocket piece back over and cut your two ribbons or lace pieces used to tie your brush roll.  Lay your two pieces of lace/ribbon slightly above your pocket piece.  Lay your outside piece of fabric on top making sure the pretty sides touch.

Makeup Brush Holder-20

Sew around all four sides of your makeup brush roll making sure to leave a three inch gap for turning.  Turn your roll right side out and press with a hot iron.  Top stitch around your roll closing the three inch gap.  Add your brushes and enjoy!

Makeup Brush Holder-25



Makeup Brush Holder: perfect gift idea for any makeup lover! Tutorial at

 Makeup Brush Holder: perfect gift idea for any makeup lover! Tutorial at

I first shared this tutorial on I Heart Naptime

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