Christmas Coloring Pages

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Grab these FREE festive Christmas Coloring pages to enjoy this holiday season! We even gathered a handful of our favorite coloring sheets we have enjoyed over the years!

Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids

My kids love to color! I think most kids do until a certain age and then they seem to either continue to enjoy to color for years to come or only color when needed for school. 🙂 Thankfully my three kids still enjoy coloring but as my oldest gets older I see him coloring less out of a way to pass the time and more for specific projects or tends to focus on more detailed adult-style coloring. However, my daughter still loves more simple basic coloring and these Christmas Coloring Pages fit that bill. Even my older boys enjoyed coloring these festive pages.


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We loved these coloring pages so much we decided to make another version into little coloring gift tags you can attach to your gifts. We love adding a little personalized touch! Grab these festive gift tags at our Made to be a Momma Shop or our other Christmas Coloring Pages we offer.

More Holiday Coloring Pages

We also rounded up some other fun Christmas coloring pages that we found. From the classic Grinch, My Little Pony and some tasty Gingerbread we grabbed a few of our favorites we have enjoyed over the years. These are PERFECT for the kids in your life!

These coloring pages would be perfect to keep the kids busy after Christmas breakfast/dinner before you unwrap the gifts.  A lot of these coloring pages are even great for when Christmas is over!  Just click on the link below to be taken to the site that has the coloring page! 

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