Graham Cracker Airplane: Kids Snack

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I am excited to be a part of a super fun blog series: The Summer Survival for Moms of Boys! hosted by Kara at The Joys of Boys.  

Graham Cracker Airplane

I love creating in the kitchen with my son.  It’s fun using ingredients to make some fun food that will help my toddler who tends to be picky.   The other day we decided to make some fun graham cracker airplanes.  You probably have most of the ingredients that you would need right in your pantry!  


Graham Cracker



Peanut Butter


Airplane Materials

Cut your celery stick to the size that you want your airplane to be.  Remove the wrappers from the rolo’s and attach to the side of your celery stick using a toothpick.  Fill your celery stick with peanut butter.  Place half of a graham cracker that has been cut lengthwise on top of the peanut butter.  Cut two small very thin celery pieces and attach to the front of your celery stick to make propellers. 

Graham Cracker Airplane Close Up


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