Wooden Frame Table Runner

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Wooden Frame Table Runner: Made to be a Momma

I love simple home decor.  With two small boys under 3 1/2 I have toned down my decorating a bit to eliminate unnecessary stress and having to say “please, don’t touch that” a million times a day–its a sanity thing too 🙂 No matter what season or holiday it is I always have a pretty table centerpiece.  You may remember my fall ruffle table runner.  I love statement pieces on my table and these wooden frames from Cut It Out Frames worked perfectly for what I wanted to achieve!  I love all the frames Cut it Out has to offer.  I painted two of the Newport Frames a pretty turquoise for my gallery wall and it completed the space. It’s one of my favorite places in my home!  For this Christmas season, I painted two Cut it Out frames a pretty holly red and while the paint was still wet I sprinkled some of my favorite shimmery glitter all over! Wooden Frame Table Runner: Made to be a Momma

I placed two candy cane design scrapbooking papers underneath the frame and taped in place.  I filled a basket with some pretty shimmery silver ornaments and placed it on the table!  I wish you could see all the sparkle that my dining room table adorns.  It’s so pretty and perfectly festive!  If you don’t want to use the frames as a table runner you could always attach the scrapbooking paper as I did and hang the frames on the wall to add a Christmas pop to one of your family rooms. I love how versatile the frames are!  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with them.  I just love how simple this decor is but it makes a huge statement! Wooden Frame Table Runner: Made to be a Momma

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