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We’ve all stood before the mirror staring. Staring at what the world calls not pretty enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough, not successful enough, not gracious enough, and not funny enough.

Is beauty really depicted by what the world pours into magazines?

Beauty has been changed to produce images far beyond its original loveliness. The world’s standard has become our new level of expectation. As a woman we have been designed to share beauty, but not on the world’s terms.

There is a need, an importance for a corrected view of beauty.

The world tries to encompass beauty into one body, one face. Is it any wonder why you and I are drowning in the waves of expectations, lies, and the daily grind of comparison? Beauty goes beyond the staggering statistics that your personality needs to be funny, cute, and flirtatious or the best mom, wife, sister, and daughter. 

Beauty is a mystery. The world has done an excellent job to prevent your beauty from being unique, to rate you on a checklist. We are lying to ourselves if we believe that we no longer can share our beauty because we have had a baby, currently possess stretch marks, or gained a few pounds.

What if instead of going to the nearest ULTA and buying the newest product that Women’s Magazine promoted; we, as women, allow our own beautiful identities to flourish? What if we stop entering into the never-ending war of comparison and engage in the fight to correct, promote, and treasure the beauty inside every woman. What if we took that energy and taught our daughters the importance of true beauty and coached our sons to be the men that appreciate and value beauty.

Be women of compassion, kindness, and love. Recognize that you have worth and talents that no one else in this world can wield and master like you. Draw, write, play sports, make delicious food, play with your kids, run a business, and enjoy the beauty you were created to display. Throw out the world’s opinion. The names you once held are not your identity. Live in light of your true beauty. The beauty that is within.

It starts today. Now, is the time to stand against the pages of stereotyping and airbrushed models. Now, is the time to partner together and unleash true beauty.

Thank you so much to my sister Ashlea for sharing just a little bit of what’s been on her heart lately!  Many of you expressed the need for some encouragement as Moms, sisters, wives, and just being women in general.  My sister and I are hoping to share a few encouraging moments here on Made to be a Momma with you each month! As always we love to hear your stories, struggles and happiness!  Please feel free to email me anytime at [email protected]   

To print the graphic for today CLICK HERE!  It would be beautiful placed in a frame and serves as a constant reminder just how beautiful and special you truly are! 

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