My Promise to the Teary Eyed Momma

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To the Heart of the Teary Eyed Momma

It was early Monday afternoon and I had just dropped off my 3 month old daughter at my grandmothers house and rushed to take my boys to their dentist appointment. As I sat in the waiting room area exhaustion took over.  My life had been a non-stop hot mess for the past 3 months.  I was beginning to accept the fact that grab and go cereal bars and dry shampoo were going to be a permanent life line.  We finished their appointment and headed to the store to pick up another kind of formula that we prayed would make our little girl stop crying (Mommas of colicky babies unite!). The endless amounts of screaming and crankiness were starting to create a heavy dark cloud that seemed to follow me everywhere.

I needed something to work and I needed it now.

I got the call from my grandmother that my little Addy was screaming again and the overwhelming feeling of ” I just can’t do this anymore” began to take over.  I headed home and we got her settled down and not a few hours later my oldest son puked all over the floor.  Someone in our family had been sick for the last. 3. weeks.  And that, is only part of how my last 3 months have gone.

Friends, I don’t know where you are today.

Maybe you were up all night with a teething baby.

Maybe your four year old had yet another night terror and he needed your comforting embrace. 

Maybe you woke up this morning feeling just as tired as when you put your head on your pillow and you know it’s going to be a day full of a fussy baby, demanding toddlers and mommy guilt wishing you could just have a break. 

Maybe you were up late waiting for your teenager to make curfew.

Maybe you just have a heavy heart and exhaustion is creeping in.

Momma, I get you!  I have been there and I am there now, but I have also been on the other side of exhaustion and it’s beautiful and worth every messy diaper and sleepless night.

I can’t promise you that your 6 months old is only days away from sleeping through the night. 

I can’t even promise you that today will be a better day or things will look brighter tomorrow. But what I can promise you is that there is a God of hope and a God of grace that is there by your side through every tough day.

It wasn’t until I was sitting in my van run line, tears in my eyes, that I finally said “God, I NEED YOU!”  

Once I quieted my heart to listen to his still small voice, I heard him promising me that ” This is all worth it, this is what I was called to do”

Friends, His Love feels like hope. His love gives us the strength to press on through the day.  His love helps us mold the hearts and lives of our little ones.  Little ones that will someday be Mommies and Daddies themselves. Little ones that will be politicians, professors, doctors, accountants and whatever other careers they may pursue. Little ones that can and will make a difference in the world. 

Mommas, we can do this!  Accept the handful of grace God is willing to lend you and press on.

From the heart of a teary eyed Momma. 

Carters Birthday Addy-98

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  1. Well said Katie! Thank you for your transparency and honesty, it is a breathe of fresh air at a much needed time in my life.

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