Paint Stroke Watercolor Pillow

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This Paint Stroke Watercolor Pillow is such a fun and easy diy that is a pop of color in any kids room!  

This Paint Stroke Watercolor Pillow is such a fun and easy diy that is a pop of color in any kids room!

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Last month I had the chance to head back to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the second annual Plaid Creators Summit.  A day full of yummy snacks and crafting is what this girls loves.  We had the chance to learn about some of the newest Plaid products and one of them are these GORGEOUS  Martha Stewart® Watercolor Paints.   Watercolor and brush lettering is so popular right now and with good reason! It’s so pretty.   This paint stroke watercolor pillow is a perfect fun and quick project you can make to match any room!  I love the “comfy” feeling watercolor gives to a project. You can find 40 different watercolor colors exclusively at any Michaels store or  

watercolor paints and brushes

Fun Facts about Martha Stewart Watercolor Paints:

  • You can use them on multiple different surfaces including wood, watercolor paper, fabric, canvas, and more! 
  • It is a Permanent gel-based acrylic formula, which makes it easier to blend!
  • You can use it straight from the bottle or dilute  it for beautiful watercolor effects. 
  • It’s durable on indoor and outdoor porous surfaces, which allows you to have fun with it on more projects!

There is also a beautiful Martha Stewart Watercolor Brush set line which is what I used to create this project!  They also have Martha Stewart Watercolor pens which is another way to add some fun to your project. 

Martha Stewart watercolor paints and Martha Stewart watercolor brush set

Supplies for Paint Stroke Watercolor Pillow:

watercolor colors

First you will need to cut your white fabric to the size specific to your pillow.  You can find many tutorials online for how to make a pillow cover.  The easiest way to do this project is to buy a pre-made white pillow cover and the pillow form to go with it.  If you are working with more than one piece of fabric make sure you place a piece of parchment paper underneath the top layer so the watercolor doesn’t bleed into the other side of the fabric. When working with watercolor I like to lightly wet my surface area first. This helps achieve the watercolor look the best, in my opinion.  You don’t need much water just enough to allow your paint to “spread” easier.  I just used the mop brush in the set to achieve this look. 

Watercolor Brush Stroke Red Color

I used the same brush to create various brush strokes of colors around the fabric. 

Watercolor Brush Strokes

I added about 5 different colors.  This would be such a fun project for a girls room or a boys room.  You can give it a more rainbow affect like I did or make a pillow with shades of blues and greens or one with shades of pinks and purples.  It’s easy but beautiful! Finished Watercolor Brush Stroke Pillow

Once you are done adding your brush strokes you just need to let you fabric dry completely.  The drying process is where the magic happens with the watercolor.  The colors begin to blend beautifully.  Paint Stroke Watercolor Pillow

Once my fabric was dry, I continued sewing my pillow together and added some colorful tassel pieces to the corners and middle of the pillow.  It was such a fun way to add a pop of fun to this already colorful pillow!  

Paint Stroke Watercolor Pillow Details

The colors are so much fun and fit’s my daughters bubbly personality just perfectly! 

For more inspiration and techniques make sure you head over to Plaid’s YouTube channel!  You can find more fun crafting ideas if you follow  Plaid on Facebook, PinterestInstagram and sign up for their newsletter.

Paint Stroke Watercolor Pillow is a fun and simple project for any kids room!

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