Diy Painted Geometric Wall

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Diy Painted Geometric Wall: a simple way to add a big statement to any room in your house! Add some paint splatter for a splash of fun!

Painted Wall | Geometric | Home Decor | Large Scale Painting

My husband and I recently decided to give the boys room a little makeover….which then turned into a full makeover…you know how that goes too right? 🙂  I want to start off by showing you one of my favorite parts of their new room – their closet area and this diy painted geometric wall.  The boys bedroom actually used to be our “master” bedroom but we decided to give the boys the larger room and we took a smaller one.  For a long time the boys have been sharing one side of the closet while my husband stored other things in the remaining closet.  We decided it’s about time we let them have their own closet spaces.  Im warning you the below image is the nasty before.  I didn’t clean or organize a thing before taking the photos 🙂 

Painted Wall | Geometric | Home Decor | Large Scale Painting

We added some new wire shelves, canvas baskets, and a cubicle storage in each of the boys closets.  I can’t believe the difference just a few simple changes can make.  Now…let’s talk about that statement wall!  I knew I wanted to add something fun to the wall in between the two closets and I decided to jump on the geometric train.   I used some of my favorite Plaid products to paint this wall and I had it done in less than half of a day.  The only reason why it took a little while to complete was because of the separate drying times for each color. 

Supplies needed for Diy Painted Geometric Wall:

Painted Wall | Geometric | Home Decor | Large Scale Painting

Painted Wall | Geometric | Home Decor | Large Scale Painting

I began by placing the painters tape how I wanted the finish design to look.  This helped me get the angles right before I started painted. 

I then began painting the outer areas of my wall.  As soon as I finished painting, I would remove the tape while it dried.  Once it was dry to the touch I would add the painters tape back to the wall…making sure I placed the tape on the edges of the already painted shape. 

I repeated those steps until the wall was fully finished. 

Once the geometric shapes were finished I mixed a small amount of paint with some water.  I used the FolkArt Stencil Brush to make the splatters on the wall.  I simply dipped the paint brush slightly into the watered down paint and flicked my wrist towards the wall to cause the paint to splatter.  You may want to practice on a large piece of paper before doing it to the wall.  You also don’t want your paint brush to be fully saturated with paint before you splatter. 

I loved how the wall looked with the painted geometric shapes but I love it even more with the paint splatter affect.  It goes perfectly with the wall art I got for the boys and really helps pull the room together! We added a fun clock to the middle of the wall which acts as a great focal point. 


Painted Wall | Geometric | Home Decor | Large Scale Painting

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