Butterfly Straw Topper

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Butterfly Straw Topper

I just love the start of spring and summer!  I love the colors it brings into our homes and in our gardens.  I was playing around with my Minc machine again and came up with these adorable butterfly straw toppers that are perfect for the season.  These would be great for a bridal shower, garden party and more! They were so easy to make and add such a fun pop of color to paper straws. You can find the Minc machine and all the fun embellishments that go with it, like these butterflies I used, at Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, and other local and online shops.  I love how simple and consistent the Minc machine is compared to other ways you can foil projects.

Minc Butterfly Straw-31

The colors of the foil are so bright and I just love peeling back the foil to see just how pretty each project looks!  For this project I used pink and blue straws with matching foil and alternated what color I would use on what straw.  

Minc Butterfly Straw-10

I put the foil and the butterflies through my Minc machine and assembled the butterflies how I wanted them to look.  I love that the butterfly kit came with different types of butterflies and sizes so you could mix and match.  I simply hot glued each piece on top of each other.  You could also use Elmers glue or even tape. 

Minc Butterfly Straw-13

I then attached my butterflies to my straws with a tiny dot of hot glue. 

Minc Butterfly Straw-16

Now, go impress your girl friends with these beautiful butterfly straw toppers that are sure to add some pop of color to any gathering!

Minc Butterfly Straw-25


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