Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

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This Paper Plate Rainbow Craft is a colorful craft for kids of all ages! Grab some paper plates, paper and paints to make this easy rainbow craft!

three painted paper plates in rainbow colors with paper clouds attached

Rainbow Paper Plate Craft

Are you looking for a simple yet colorful craft activity for kids? Look no further! This paper plate craft is a delightful project that promises to add a burst of color and creativity to your day! It’s perfect for younger kids and even older kids!

Materials Needed To Make A Paper Plate Rainbow

  • Acrylic craft paint, in all the colors of the rainbow
  • White Cardstock or construction paper 
  • paint brush
  • paper plates, regular dinner size
  • glue stick or liquid glue
  • scissors
  • Free cloud template
paper plate rainbow supplies on craft counter with colorful scrapbooking paper besides

How to Make this Paper Plate Rainbow Kids Craft

Step 1: Prepare Paper Plate

Cut your paper plate in half. We used a dinner size plate as the colors fit better.

white paper plate cut in half

Step 2: Colors of the Rainbow

Using your paint brush, paint your curved rainbow lines starting with the color red and ending with purple. Remember ROYGBIV for your rainbow color order.

half paper plate painted in rainbow colors

Step 3: Puffy Clouds

Use our free white cloud template to cut out two clouds and glue to either end of your rainbow.

rainbow painted paper plate with white paper clouds on either end

Classroom or Homeschool Tips:

  • This project may create a simple rainbow BUT it packs a lot of learning in one colorful rainbow. This project helps preschoolers practice color recognition, rainbow color order, and fine motor skills with painting, cutting and gluing.
  • Don’t want to cut out the clouds?  Glue cotton balls to the ends of your rainbow for a different look!
  • Swap paint for colored tissue paper that they have to glue to the different sections. You can also use crayons to color the various hues of the rainbow. 
  • Cut out raindrop shapes from blue paper and glue behind the end of the clouds to look like a rainbow after a storm. 
  • This makes for a wonderful Bible activity after a homeschool or Sunday School lesson of Noah and the Flood.
finished painted paper plate rainbows

So, let’s gather our crafting aprons and together, we’ll paint rainbows, share giggles, and create memories that will brighten even the rainiest days. Here’s to the joy of crafting and the boundless imagination of our little ones!

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