Popcorn Cone Holder

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Popcorn Paper Cone- super simple and inexpensive!

Do you need a simple and inexpensive party idea?! I’ve got just the thing!  These popcorn cone holders are both simple and easy on the wallet.  All you need is some scrapbooking paper and popped popcorn-of course you could swap out the popcorn for any other type of salty snack!

Popcorn Cone Horizontal


Gather your scrapbooking paper and some glue!  I cut my paper to be a 8 in. x 8 in. square. 

Cut paper

Cut your paper in half diagonally. 


Take one of the long pointed sides and bring it to the middle corner.  Slighty roll under and glue down.  Repeat on the other side to form a cone shape.  It’s okay if there is hole at the bottom–just make sure it’s small enough that no popcorn kernels fall through!  Fill with popcorn and enjoy! 🙂 

Cones filled with Popcorn

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