Watercolor Home Decor Sign

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Watercolor Home Decor Sign: a simple and fun watercolor home decor project that can fit any style. 

Watercolor Home Decor Sign

Watercolor Home Decor Sign

Crafting just went up another notch with FolkArt ® Watercolor Acrylic Paint™  you can now create beautiful watercolor pieces at home.  Once I got my hand on this watercolor paint I knew I wanted to make an abstract sign for our dining room fireplace mantel.   It added the perfect amount of color and the cut out word adds a fun element to the piece. 

FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic Paint

This watercolor acrylic paint can be used on many surfaces such as canvas, fabric, paper, glazed ceramics and wood.  It’s water-based, nontoxic and comes in 16 different colors.  This paint is really forgiving so even if you have never worked with watercolor before you will feel like a pro! Adding water to the paint allows you to decide just how soft of a color you want. 

Home Decor Sign Supplies

Watercolor Home Decor Sign Supplies:

Watercolor paint diluted

The Watercolor brush set is the secret to a beautiful piece. These brushes have soft synthetic bristles which are  designed to hold a large volume of water and release it in a controlled manner.  

I always like to practice on a pieces of paper before I begin painting on my surface.  If the color is to dark on your surface just add a touch more water to your brush and it will thin out.  The set includes one oval brush, one liner brush, and one round brush so you can create multiple designs. 

The past part is being able to add various layers of colors to give it an abstract feel.    Once my project was dry I painted the gather sign black and hot glued it to the center of my sign.  This watercolor home decor sign is the perfect piece of art for my mantel.   Another fun way to add some personality to your piece is to use the FolkArt ® Watercolor Acrylic Paint™ Resist.  You can paint on the clear formula before adding the watercolor and it will create a resist to your projects.  

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Watercolor Home Decor Sign

If you want to add your own personal touch to your sign try out the FolkArt® Watercolor Acrylic Paint™ Water Brush Set, it comes with one flat brush and one round brush that makes adding a touch of handwriting to your project a breeze. The brush set features a built-in water reservoir, these brushes make it easy to use with water or diluted paint.

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