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Veggie Cups: easy to hold and a “less-mess” way to introduce new veggies to kids!  Also great for picnics and school events!

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This summer we are trying a new food everyday.  You see, my oldest son Jacob is a very picky eater. He has his three favorites and rarely wants to sway from them. In an effort to make veggie tasting more fun, we put together these veggie cups. There are a few of his favorites veggies in it with a few new ones to try.  The best part…the yummy dip at the bottom!  We have noticed that sometimes adding a pop of flavor or making their food fun entices them to try more.  Just like a yummy yogurt dip makes those strawberries even more delicious! 🙂   

I decided to use the same veggie cups as a picnic idea that works perfectly with Tastefully Simple Patriotic Picnic Collection.  I used Tastefully Simples Zesty Honey BBQ Dip Mix and it was a great alternative to the classic Ranch dressing I normally have for the kids.  

Veggie for Kids TS-21

I simply mixed the Zesty Honey BBQ Dip Mix with 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and 1/2 cup of sour cream, just as the box directed. I spooned a small amount into the bottom of the little paper cups. 

Veggie for Kids TS-2

I added some blue chips, lettuce leaf, carrots and a tomato.  You can add any of your family’s favorite veggies or chips. 

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I also sliced a cucumber and added it to the side of the cup.  It was just the perfect snack for my kids and is a great finger food for your Fourth of July and summer picnics.  You can also create this in one larger bowl….just watch out for double dippers 😉

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What are some of your favorite and quick picnic ideas?

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