Valentine Sprinkle Cupcakes

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Aren’t cupcakes so fun?!  I decided to make my chocolate cupcake recipe a little more special for the little valentines in my life.  These valentine sprinkle cupcakes would be perfect for a fun kids valentine party or I bet the kids would just love to hand one out to each of their classmates.

Valentine Sprinkle Cupcakes

 I started off making my delicious Perfect Chocolate Cupcake recipe and topped them with some delicious buttercream frosting.  I cut out a small heart out of construction paper and laid it on top of my icing.  I then sprinkled the sprinkles and took the paper off for an empty heart space that was free of sprinkles.  Then I used some red gel icing I found at my local craft stores and filled it in.  Simple and so pretty! 

close up of heart cupcake

For a more sophisticated looking cupcake I piped my buttercream frosting with a 1M tip to get a nice high peak of icing.  I added heart sprinkles to the top for another yummy treat! These would work great for a fun sweetheart party.  Place them in a clear plastic cup and tie them with a ribbon for a fun gift! 

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