USA Utensil Caddy

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It’s no secret I love my Minc machine. I love being able to add an instant flare of foil to various craft projects in minutes. This month I made a colorful and simple USA utensil caddy that is just perfect for parties.  



  • MINC Machine, you can find these machines at Joann, Hobby Lobby and even some local craft stores. 
  • Minc Jumbo Paper Alphabet
  • Foil
  • Caddy Box, painted your desired color
  • Tape/Glue

After I painted my caddy box red, I ran my U, S, and A letters through the Minc machine with a pretty royal blue foil. It’s the perfect Fourth of July blue. You could also spell out the words FREEDOM or other patriotic phrases just make sure your caddy box is long enough. 


I then attached my U, S, and A letters to the front of my caddy box with tape. You could also use glue but I wanted to be able to interchange the letters.  I’m thinking the word JOY in gold and the box filled with ornaments will be so pretty for Christmas time! I know, I know, I’m thinking ahead but baby #3 is due early December so I have to! 🙂


Next I filled three blue mason jars with some fun picnic items like Twizzlers, forks and napkins.  You can interchange the items to match your parties needs. USA MINC-13

There are many ways to apply foil to your projects, but the easiest and most convenient way is my using the Minc. I got this project done, including painting time, in less than 1/2 an hour! It’s the perfect naptime craft and so useful.  You could also fill the mason jars with fresh daisies, sparklers for the kids to use at night or so many other things. 

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