Mini Thankful Chalkboard

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Teach your kids to be grateful with this simple mini thankful chalkboard craft!

I love teaching my children the importance of being grateful! What’s a better time to instill such an important life lesson then around Thanksgiving?!  These Mini Thankful Chalkboards are just perfect for little kids!  My son has had a really fun time having me write down something new each and every day.  I love some of the simple funny things he is thankful for but what a great lesson right?…to be thankful for even the small things!

 Here’s how to make your own mini chalkboard:

mini canvas ( found in your local craft store–I even found them at Walmart)

mini easels

chalkboard paint



Chalkboard & Leaf Coasters-7662

Paint your easel your desired color and let dry.  Using your chalkboard paint apply a coat of paint to your mini canvas.  Apply second coat if needed.  Follow the directions of your chalkboard paint bottle on whether or not your need to rub chalk on it before writing on it.  I used a chalkboard marker for the “Thankful For”part as it tends to be a little more permanent. 

Chalkboard & Leaf Coasters-7671

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