Frankenstein Graham Cracker

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As you all know I love playing in the kitchen-especially when it comes to kids treats! I have a super fun and easy Frankenstein graham cracker treat today.  My little guy loved him!  We don’t do the creepy side of Halloween.  I don’t like the dark and I don’t like spiders or creepy crawly things but I do enjoy ghosts, Frankenstein and Jack-O-lanterns when they have a cute face 🙂   These graham crackers came together super quickly which is a must have when creating with kids.  As much as kids love to create and bake they tend to get bored after awhile so quick treats with minimal mess is always a plus!


Chocolate Graham Crackers

Green Edible Gel or green icing ( found in the cake decorating section at Craft Stores) 

Chocolate Sprinkles

Wilton Candy Eyes

1.  Spread your gel/icing on your graham cracker.  I loved how the green gel I used had a shimmer glitter affect! It added a little special touch to the treat.

2.  Sprinkle your sprinkles on the top of your graham cracker for Frankenstein hair.

3.  Use a small sprinkle for the smile of Frankenstein.  Add candy eyes.

These graham cracker treats would be so fun to make as ghosts and pumpkins too! All you would need to do is change out the color of your icing and add some different colored sprinkles. 


These graham crackers would be perfect for a fun Halloween party.  I plan on making these for a little costume party that I will be hosting for my boys and their buddies.  Creating fun treats doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming!  All you need are a few simple ingredients and a bit of imagination! 


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  1. I plan to make these with my second graders. We have just finished reading the book Crankinstein and will use these as a follow up activity. Thanks for the great activity.

  2. What a terrific idea. Made them using chocolate covered graham crackers and canned vanilla icing tinted with green gel food coloring. Thanks so much for this clever idea!! Pictured on my Facebook page if you would like to see.

  3. Hi Katie. I found your site on Instagram. You have such a great blog and such YUMMY stuff!! I cannot wait to read more later. I just showed my 3 year old son these cookies and his eyes opened wide. We may just have to make them. They are so cool!! Perfect for Halloween!! It’s always awesome to meet another friend in Christ too, yay! I hope to stay in touch. Have a beautiful day!! 🙂 Cindy from

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