Family Game Night Printable Scorecard

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Keep score of what team wins during your family game nights with this printable scorecard!

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Growing up during my teen years my parents had what they called “Hour of Power” game nights with their friends. Now, these game nights always lasted longer than one hour so i’m not sure why they called it what they did. While my parents played games, my friends and I either played games ourselves or sometimes joined in with my parents.  I remember my parents always keeping score in a little paper notebook that they would bring out every time they had their friends over. This family night printable scorecard is inspired by that little notebook.  game night-44

You can either print out this printable scorecard every time you have a game night or to save yourself some ink you can print this scorecard out once and then get it laminated.  You can then keep score with a dry erase marker and then simply wipe the scorecard clean when you are finished.    

CLICK HERE to download your free printable scorecard! 

Now, of course “Hour of Power” wasn’t really hour of power unless there were some yummy snacks to go along with a night of competition and laughter.  Our favorites were always a sweet and salty combo whether that was cake, salsa dip, brownies, popcorn, etc. There was always plenty to munch on!  A perfect sweet treat would be Tastefully Simples Caramel Cream Soda Floats.  It’s a fun twist from the classic Root Beer Float.  Tastefully Simple has a great collection of family game night recipes that you can check out HERE

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Game nights are always one of my favorites nights and my little boys are already loving to join in the fun as well.  What are some of your favorite family game night recipes?

Game Night Printable ScorecardThis post was brought to you by Tastefully Simple.  All opinions are 100% mine.  Thanks for supporting brands that make Made to be a Momma possible.


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