Diy Ombre Dresser

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Dresser Redo-3
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As soon as I found out I was expecting with my boys I would start day dreaming of what or how I would decorate their nursery.  My first little guy Jacob had a sports theme room, my little monkey Carter had a monkey theme room (and it fit his personality perfectly!) It was no different after I found out baby number 3 is our first little girl, Addy.  I have been day dreaming about a little girls nursery and bows since I was a little girl.  I knew I wanted a pink room but not the classic and sometimes overwhelming Barbie pink . I wanted more of a soft pink and this Behr Marquee Interior Satin Noble Blush MQ4-04 paint was JUST the color I was looking for.  I ended up using it on the walls and thought it would be fun to create an ombre dresser as well. 

Dresser Redo-7

One thing I hated about this dresser was I couldn’t figure out how to add some fancy knobs to it.  The knobs would look silly in the hand holes so I decided to give it a painted face lift instead and now it’s one of my favorite pieces in her room. 

Dresser Redo-11

The bottom set of dresser drawers is the color Noble Blush in it’s true form. So pretty right?  Here are a few steps when creating your own ombre dresser:

#1. Decided how drastic you want your ombre to be.  I have seen some ombre dressers where the colors between the drawers are very drastic and others more subtle which is the route I took.  For a more drastic change you may want to actually look for different shades of paint that are in the same color family and paint your drawers.  For a subtle difference you can just purchase the one shade of paint and add white to it. 

#2. When creating an ombre dresser I think creating a base color for the rest of the dresser is really what makes the ombre drawers pop! I chose Behr’s Ultra Pure White in Interior Satin PPU18-06.  This dresser was already white when we painted it for the boys so I just gave it a fresh coat. 

#3. Paint your bottom drawers with the paint in it’s truest form.  When painting the other sets of drawers, pour 1-2 cups of paint into a separate container and add 1/3 cup white paint and stir.  If the paint is light enough continue to paint your next layer of dresser drawers.  I found that I needed to add more paint for my final set of drawers for the shade that I wanted.  I would suggest only adding white paint 1/4- 1/3 cup at a time until you have your desired shade.  You can start out with smaller amounts if your project is smaller or larger amounts for a paint heavy project. 

I really love how this dresser turned out and it was one of the simplest projects I have done for her room.  Isn’t it amazing how much fun a little bit of paint can add to a room?

Dresser Redo-14

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