DIY Fabric Embellished Succulent Planters

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DIY Fabric Embellished Succulent Planters: a simple diy fabric project to add some flair to wooden succulent planters.

DIY Fabric Embellished Succulent Planters: a simple diy fabric project to add some flair to wooden succulent planters

DIY Fabric Embellished Succulent Planters:

Warm weather has been a long time coming my friends, and I know it’s not just me in Pennsylvania that agrees. 🙂  With warmer weather comes new pretty hues of pastel colors, craft items and home decor.  I for one, just love the vibe of spring and summer and love being able to bring some of that cheerfulness inside my home.  Succulents are still all the rage and for good reason, they add a pop of greenery in your home and are easy to keep alive and even better is when they are faux succulents. 🙂  All the craft stores have faux succulents now and they are generally pretty inexpensive.   I picked up a few mini succulent planters at a local craft store and decided to add some fabric embellishments for additional pops of color. 

Diy Succulent Planters

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I grabbed a wooden votive holder that was already stained and decided it could serve as a succulent planter or flipped upside down, as a stand to add various heights to a centerpiece of greenery.  I love when one project can be used multiple ways.  You may remember that I love playing around with Mod Podge whether it’s making wooden earrings or a confetti cake stand, my formula of choice is usually Mod Podge, Extreme Glitter but today I am using another one of their 21 formulas, Fabric! The Fabric formula is best when you are looking for fabric-to-fabric decoupage such as wearables, accessories, linens, and more. It’s permanent once it’s had the chance to cure and you can hand wash as needed! For this project I decided to use the Fabric formula so the trim would hold together best.  You can also layer your fabric pieces  with coordinating fabric cut out designs and then add them to your planters! 

Succulent Planter How To

Supplies for Diy Fabric Embellished Succulent Planters:

  • Succulent planters, you can choose to make your own and add real succulents or find some that are already made but plain in style
  • Fabric, cut into your desired shapes
  • Mini PomPom trim or decorative trim
  • Mod Podge® Fabric Formula
  • Sponge brush

Succulent Planter Supplies

The supplies are very simple for this project and can vary by the look you are going for and what matches your home decor.  I started off with a wooden votive holder and two succulent planters that were plain in style.  I also grabbed some small fabric pieces that I cut into my desired shapes. 

Succulent DIY with Mod Podge Fabric

To the back of my fabric pieces, I added a layer of the Mod Podge Fabric formula. 

Mod Podge Fabric Formula DIY

I then carefully place the fabric piece where I wanted it on the various planters or votive holder.  Allow to dry completely and repeat the same steps with your decorative trim.  You can also use a hot glue gun if your trim is on the bulkier side. I love how these little planters came out.  It’s such a simple craft but it really helps to personalize something to fit your personal style and home decor choices.  These diy fabric embellished succulent planters would make a great gift idea for a new married couple, a friend, or just because. 

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Fabric Embellished Succulent Planter

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DIY Fabric Embellished Succulent Planters: a simple diy fabric project to add some flair to wooden succulent planters


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