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We have a running joke in my family that my littlest sister Faith, age 16, is the princess of the family. She’s the baby of the 5 of us kids and we all know that babies get what they want 🙂 I was so excited when I had the chance to work with Joann Fabric & Craft Store and their new Square by Design products.  Each unique square has 25 inches of usable space all featuring a woven and centered icon.  They are sold “by the square”, instead of by the yard.  I just love this princess crown and it immediately made me think of my sister.   I thought it would be fun to share with you a no-sew project you can use with fabric.  I know many of my friends can’t or don’t like to sew and it’s nice to be able to share projects that don’t require a machine to make them. 

Square By Design-2


Blank white tote

Crown Square by Design

Pom Pom Trim, optional

Hot glue gun

Fray Block, optional

Don’t you just love this fun pom pom trim!  It comes in so many colors too it was hard to pick just one.

Square By Design-3

First, cut out your crown from the square of fabric. I made sure the crown had a little bit of a black edge.  I also applied a small amount of fray block around the edges of the fabric to prevent the threads from fraying. Using your hot glue, hot glue your crown in the desired spot on your tote bag. 

Square By Design-5

Hot glue your pom pom trim to the bottom edge of your crown and wherever else you want your trim to be. I added two piece of trim to the bottom and one at the top edge near the handles. 

Square By Design-6

Square By Design-7

Fill the pretty bag up with your favorite things.  I think this bag would make such a cute idea for the little princess in your life. It would be a great birthday gift filled with coloring books and more. 

Square By Design-20

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