Diy Halloween Costume: Crazy Scientist

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Crazy Scientist

Oh Carter, you make your Momma smile and laugh!  I am so excited for our little costume party we are having for our kids and their buddies. I have been brainstorming on what I wanted my kids to be.  I still don’t know what to do for my toddler.  He is a little picky when it comes to things on his face and body! ANY IDEAS?  We were giving the kids a bath one night and after drying Carters hair with a towel it was sticking up ALL over the place and a I immediately knew what I wanted him to be…a crazy scientist! 🙂

A crazy scientist isn’t complete without some crazy “goggles.”   I made mine using a toilet paper roll.  I cut it to have two small circles, painted them black and attached a small piece in the middle to give it a frame look.  Staple on some elastic to fit around your child’s head and you are good to go!  I found some cute candy corn material at ACMoore a few weeks ago and made a little bow tie ( tutorial coming later this week! ) to wear with his white dress shirt to complete his outfit!  So easy and I can’t help but smile at this little man!

Crazy Scientist 2

Crazy Scientist Crazy-Scientist


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  1. What a cutie! Ha ha. I love it when kids dress up as adults…especially, crazy ones! Would love to feature this costume in my round-up of friday of 5 of the Best Kid Costumes! Are you alright with me grabbing a photo as long as I link back to your post? I know my readers would L-O-V-E this!

  2. Oh my goodness…this is the most adorable costume! My son is about the same age and my hubby is a science teacher, so I can totally see my family doing this costume! I’m stopping by from Link Party Palooza (my link up is #124 How To Survive Baby’s 1st Haircut) Have a wonderful weekend, Katie!

  3. Such a cute costume! I had to come over from Diana rambles & tell you that this is creative an adorable. I think mom made costumes are more comfy, cute, & durable than store bought. 🙂

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