Bunny Projects Roundup

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Ritz Peanut Butter Bunny Treats

I love Easter!  I love the pastel colors, peeps, Easter eggs and bunnies!  I rounded up some of the cutest Bunny Projects.  There is a wide range of bunny projects from recipes, crafts, home decor and more! 

Bunny Projects | Easter Bunny | Easter Crafts | Bunny Recipes

If you love these bunny projects I bet you will love all of these fun and festive carrot project and craft ideas too! 




30 Bunny Projects




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  1. Such cute ideas! The burlap bunny pillows . . . chocolate felt bunnies . . . sweet sock bunni8es — I want to make them all. Thank you for including the amigurumi style bunny from CraftsnCoffee!

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