Boys Room Redo: Beddy’s Beds

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Beddy's Beds | Boys Room Redo | Room for Boys

Over the last month or so I have slowly been re-doing the boys room.  You may remember the fun and simple diy geometric wall that is one of the center focal points of their room.  Well, before I share all the details of their room I wanted to show you one of my favorites parts of their entire room, their bedding!  I know, it’s a strange thing to be excited about, but these Beddy’s Beds are AH-MAZING! I first discovered these Beddy’s Beds over on Instagram and just loved the “zipper up your bed” concept! My boys are still young enough that making their bed is a more difficult task…at least to get it how Mommy likes it 🙂  Every morning I would have to go around fixing their sheets- they must roll around a lot- and their top comforters.  

Beddy's Beds | Boys Room Redo | Room for Boys

But now, they are able to completely make their own bed!  If you haven’t heard much about Beddy’s Bed here are a few of my favorite features:

  • It zippers up! There are two zippers that run along the entire length of the bed.  Which allows them to turn over easily.  
  • The minky fabric is so soft! The first thing my husband asked was If they came in grownup sizes! HA!  And guess what, THEY DO! They have anywhere from toddler bed sizes to king sizes.
  • It’s all an all-in-one piece.  The bedding stretches like fitted sheet over your mattress and when you un-zipper your bed is ready to go! 

Beddy's Beds | Boys Room Redo | Room for Boys

The zippers are so smooth and they have an easy pull tab on both sides of the bed.  This is great for not only kids but adults as well! 

Beddy's Beds | Boys Room Redo | Room for Boys

The inside “sheet” has an extended panel for full coverage at night as well! I’m telling you, the creators thought of everything!  My boys have had these beds for about 3 weeks now and they absolutely love them! Making their beds is fun and simple.  I don’t know about you but a freshly made bed is a good start to my day 🙂  

The boys beds are the Nautical Navy. They have plenty of designs and colors to choose from and they seem to run quite a few sales! I truly think these Beddy’s Beds are well worth the money. By the time you buy a comforter, fitted sheets, sheets, and pillow shams you could spend the same amount of money.  While we are at least living in this home my boys won’t ever have a bed bigger than a twin so we plan on using these for a long time! 

Beddy's Beds | Boys Room Redo | Room for Boys

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    1. Hi There! It’s been a year and a half since we got them and they are still being used and in great condition! Zippers still work perfectly and my boys are tough on all their stuff! 🙂

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