Flower Pot Cupcakes

 Flower Pot Cupcakes

As you know, I love crafting with food!  Whether it’s with my oreo frogs, oreo crabs or rainbow trix treats.  To celebrate the official start of summer I decided to make some fun flower pot cupcakes!  These cupcakes would be perfect for a girls brunch or summer party!  Cupcakes are of my favorite desserts.  They are the perfect bite size sweet treat and everything is cuter when it’s mini right?

All you need to make these cupcakes are:

Your favorite cupcake batter recipe

Your favorite icing recipe

Wilton 6-Inch Cookie Sticks Mega Pack, 60-Count (affiliate link)

Peach Rings

Green jellied candy ( citrus jellied candy, dots, sour patch kids)

Green Sprinkles

Prepare your cupcakes according to your recipe.  Ice your cupcakes. Insert your stick into the peach rings.

Flower Cupcakes Ingredients

Insert your sticks into your cupcakes.  Place your leaf pieces on either side of your stick. My littlest guy loved trying to eat the peach rings–it’s kind of tough when you don’t have all your teeth :) 

Carter with Peach Ring

Flower Cupcakes



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